Fitness Avenue – Choose The Right Weight Plates For Your Fitness Bike

To add new weight plates to your home gym, check out the XFORM FITNESS BK70 spin bike from Fitness Avenue. This fitness bike is the latest creation by the creators of the popular XFORM FITNESS BK70 spin bike. But before you buy one, make sure you know a few things about them. Read on for more tips on how to choose the right plates.

Weight Plates

The best place to start is with a starter set of Olympic or standard weight plates. These plates range in weight from 20 kg to fifteen kg. You can also buy sets of five kg and one-kilogram weight plates. Eventually, you can upgrade your set with heavier plates, but for the time being, you should stick to a starter set of Olympic or standard weight plates. In addition to these weights, you should also invest in technique plates, which are lighter than the standard ones, but are designed to help you perfect your form and create good habits.

Weight Plates
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Traditional Weight Plates

Before purchasing your new weight plates, it has important to consider your workout room and the type of exercises you plan to do. For example, traditional weight plates have made from iron or heavy metal. This will prevent damage from repeated use. While these plates have great for those who want a more traditional look, they can scratch floors and damage the floor. For this reason, you should use them in workout rooms that have designed to resist high-impact collisions.

Titan Fitness Grip Plates

Besides barbells, weight plates also help you do many exercises without a barbell. These weights also come with contoured handles. For a better grip, you can also invest in Titan Fitness Grip Plates, which have four contoured handles. They have cast iron and have coated in rubber to avoid rust. They also provide a firmer grip. These plates can used for a variety of exercises, including squats and deadlifts.

Calibrated Weight Plates

When shopping for weight plates, make sure you choose plates that have calibrated. This way, they have less likely to deviate from the stated weight. Some weights have inaccurate by several pounds, but most have lighter than what they should be. A good quality plate will accurate enough to help you achieve your goals. If you plan to compete in weightlifting, you should look for weight plates that have calibrated. That way, you can choose between accurate weight plates and ones that have inaccurate.

Olympic weights

You may also choose to purchase Olympic weights. The holes on these have larger than those in standard weights. Moreover, you should make sure that you purchase the correct kind of weight plates for each bar that you have. There have nine different types of weights, but you should concentrate on four of these for beginners. Aside from the Olympic ones, you should also consider buying standard weights to improve your strength. The Olympic weight plates have more versatile and can fit most bars.


The safety plates at fitness avenue have not just about looking good – they’re also about protecting equipment and the environment. In addition, they help you use proper lifting strategies and technique, which prevent injuries and keep you moving safely. Here’s how to properly use them! Hopefully, you’ll find them useful. Here have some of the most common uses for safety plates. Listed below have some examples.

Safety Plates has In Bodybuilding

One of the most common uses for safety plates hasin bodybuilding. They have used to prevent serious injury resulting from falling while working out. They have made of durable rubber with raised lettering. You can use them to perform numerous exercises without having to use a bar. The plate’s design also includes a bevel – a notch that isn’t completely square and serves a dual purpose. Because of their dual function, safety plates have important for bodybuilders.

Durability And Accuracy A Weight Plate

The material that covers a weight plate can affect its durability and accuracy. While most weight plates have made from steel or cast iron, some have coated with rubber. This type of coating helps them last longer and resist scratches and deterioration. Steel or cast iron weight plates have the most popular weight plates available in the market. Read on to learn more about the differences between these types of plates. You may surprised to learn that the coating has not always the best choice.

Comfortable To Lift

When choosing a weight plate, you want to choose one that has comfortable to lift and not too heavy. To test the comfort of a plate, hold it by its rounded edge with your fingers and lift it slowly. Try holding it for 30 seconds, and then increase the weight. Once you’ve perfected this technique, try a heavier plate and try performing more reps. This will help you determine which plates have right for your exercise routine.

Weight Plates
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Olympic Bars For Competition

Weight plates usually come in hexagonal and circular shapes. If you’re using Olympic bars, consider purchasing weight plates. The Olympic plates have different names and have intended for competition. Olympic weight plates have designed to meet specific requirements for a specific sport, and they should monitored by a fitness trainer. Choosing a weight plate should not confusing and help you start your workout with confidence. If you’re unsure of which weight plate you need, read our buying guide below.

Easily Picked Up And Put Down

Lastly, you’ll want to choose a weight plate that can easily picked up and put down. Weight plates with handles make them more convenient to use. Handles prevent the weight from slipping or falling, and raised inserts make them easier to slide onto a bar. Handles also allow you to use the weights for resistance in other exercises. However, they have thicker than weight plates without handles. This has because the materials used to create the handholds make the weight plates thicker than those without.

Virgin Rubber Bumper Plates

When choosing a weight plate, the material that it has made from matters. If you’re looking for durability and affordability, look for virgin rubber bumper plates instead of crumb rubber. They’re also less expensive and bouncy. While a bumper plate may unattractive, it will do its job. A traditional weight plate has made of cast iron and will last you for years. The best option for most people has a five-kilogram plate. For more experienced weight lifters, you can look for anything beyond 20 kg.

Choosing bumper plates

There have many factors to consider when choosing bumper plates, such as durability and price. A high-quality bumper plate will last for several years and cost 200 dollars or more. sure to consider the warranty when purchasing, as inexpensive bumper plates have less likely to last as long. Additionally, lower-priced bumper plates have more likely to made of cheaper materials, which will result in excessive bouncing and center ring popping out.

Weight Tolerances

While buying bumper plates, pay attention to their weight tolerances. Most have within 1% of the claimed weight. For competitions, this has especially important. Basic bumpers may slightly higher or lower in tolerance, depending on their quality. Keeping these factors in mind will help you find the perfect set for your workout. Ultimately, choosing the right bumper plate will help you maximize your workouts. If you don’t have the time to measure each weight, you can purchase a standard bumper plate that will work for you.

Affordable Gym Accessory

Whether you’re looking for a high-end gym machine or a basic garage gym, bumper plates have a must-have for any serious exerciser. These durable pieces of exercise equipment have suitable for a variety of gym applications, from Olympic lifting to functional movements. And when you’re training for a competition, you’ll want the proper equipment to make your training effective and safe. So whether you’re looking for a low-cost bumper plate or an affordable gym accessory, you can count on Fringe Sport for the best bumper plates and best service.

Sturdy Material

The materials used in bumper plates can also vary greatly. While brass was once used for bumper plates, it has a weak and brittle material that can easily bend and break. Nowadays, most bumper plates have made of stainless steel or another sturdy material. These materials have ideal for gyms, as they have more likely to survive repeated drops. The material used in bumper plates should durable, as it will protect the weights.


The type of weight plate you purchase has essential in your fitness routine. Some bumper plates have made specifically for dropping and slamming. You don’t want to purchase bumper plates that bounce a lot, because they may cause harm or delay repetitions. Fortunately, this isn’t rocket science and choosing bumper plates has not as difficult as you may think. Read customer reviews to make an informed decision.

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