How to Boost Your Sales With Rev

Rev is a sales development platform powered by AI. It helps to boost your sales. The platform offers a variety of features that help businesses increase sales. These features include AI-powered prospecting, lead scoring, and lead prioritization. Let’s take a closer look at how Rev works. Ultimately, it can help your company increase revenue by maximizing your sales reps’ time.

Rev’s AI-powered Sales Development Platform

If you’ve been wondering how to boost your sales, you need to get Rev’s AI-powered Sales Development Platform. The AI-based platform assembles vast troves of data and creates a mathematical model of your ideal customer. The Sales Development Platform also provides your marketing and sales team with a complete set of tools to generate more leads and close more sales.

Boost Your Sale

Target Lists

A common problem faced by outbound teams is knowing whom to contact next. They often create target lists that look similar to each other, which can be very inefficient. With Rev, your sales team can build lists based on the characteristics of the target fit. This drastically reduces the amount of time spent building lists.

Groundbreaking Solution

Rev’s AI-powered Sales Development Platform is a groundbreaking solution that can help B2B companies discover their next ideal customer. It’s already a proven sales development solution that has won awards from prestigious organizations, such as the Business Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award, the Gold Globee American Best in Business Award, and Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces. It also earned a Gold Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service.

Maximize Productivity

Rev can help your sales team maximize productivity by reducing lead cycles by as much as 80%, while also reducing costs by as much as 30%. It also helps you uncover missed opportunities and eliminate time wasted on prospects that are not likely to become customers. With its powerful AI features, Rev can help B2B companies achieve consistent revenue growth.

Reduce Prospecting Time

With the help of Rev’s Conversational AI tool, you can build rapport with leads and focus your efforts on the most likely buyers. Rev can also automate your sales processes to reduce prospecting time and make them more efficient. With its intelligent conversational engine Conversica, it’s easy to make connections with leads and maximize revenue potential by targeting the right customers.

AI-Powered Prospecting

If you’re struggling with outbound prospecting, Rev can transform your approach. The platform uses artificial intelligence to identify the next best customer, saving you 30 percent of your time. It also reveals 500+ exegraphics about companies, which gives you a detailed look at how they operate. Then, Rev prioritizes your target accounts based on their fit and readiness for sales.


Lead Nurturing And Proposal Generation

AI can also help you automate processes such as lead nurturing and proposal generation. It also can connect with sales reps’ calendars to help schedule meetings. This frees up sales reps’ time to focus on other aspects of the sales process. Similarly, AI can automate email marketing, creating personalized subject lines, optimizing the time of day, and more.

Relevant Prospects

Founded in 2017, Rev is the AI-powered sales development platform that helps B2B companies identify and engage with relevant prospects. Its technology improves lead quality across the pipeline and drives consistent revenue growth. Its customers include Salesforce, Oracle, and Seven of the Top 10 Cloud Software Companies.

Incorporating AI

Revan’s AI-powered martech solution for B2B sales and marketing teams was recently named a Gold Stevie Award Winner in the Sales Enablement Solution category. This recognition recognizes companies that have transformed the way people do business by incorporating AI into their processes.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Salespeople today are under immense pressure to hit their quotas. In order to meet their goals, they need to be efficient in their outreach and identify potential leads fast. AI can help them achieve this goal by analyzing data and identifying patterns in the data. Moreover, AI can automate repetitive tasks, which helps salespeople focus on more important tasks.

Track Different Data

AI-powered website analytics can help businesses track different data points like website traffic and conversion rates. By analyzing this data, AI can help improve their website design, personalize interactions with customers, and track website performance. This way, AI can help salespeople close more deals.

AI-Powered Lead Scoring

Getting accurate lead scoring results requires an AI lead scoring system. These programs start with large amounts of manually scored data, and as the system gets more data, the score will become more accurate. Currently, two main types of lead scoring systems are available: traditional and predictive. Traditional lead scoring uses humans to assign a score to leads. Predictive lead scoring uses algorithms that are trained by machine learning.

Implicit Data

A good AI lead scoring tool is able to use implicit data, or information that isn’t proactively shared by customers. Implicit data is data that can be derived from a lead’s past behavior and other data sources. For example, social media activity can be used to gain insight into what a lead is interested in.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring requires massive datasets, and predictive solutions have struggled to keep up with this data. Fortunately, today’s AI-powered lead scoring solutions are capable of pulling in third-party data to boost the score of leads. With these solutions, marketers can keep leads engaged and ready for a meeting or purchase at the right time.

Focus Their Efforts

Using an AI-powered lead scoring system will allow your sales team to focus their efforts on the most important leads. With Rev, you can easily prioritize leads based on their quality and likelihood to buy. With this system, your team can focus on the right prospects and reduce the workload in your sales department.

Improving Lead Quality

In addition to improving lead quality, Rev can also increase your sales and marketing ROI. AI-powered lead scoring solutions will help you find relevant prospects, improve your sales pipeline, and generate consistent revenue growth. Rev is an AI-powered B2B sales development platform. The team behind Rev has built an AI prospecting solution that combines exegraphics data to form an unique mathematical model of your ideal customer.

Specific Data Points

AI-powered lead scoring systems require specific data points, which can be difficult to get for a new business. Predictive lead scoring software removes human error, and works seamlessly with your CRM network. It also enables lead nurturing using tools such as ManyChat.

AI-powered lead prioritization

With AI-powered lead prioritization, companies can increase the likelihood of connecting with qualified prospects. This can mean a higher chance of closing a deal and increasing sales opportunities. Using a tool that prioritizes leads based on these attributes can help companies focus their time and resources on the most promising prospects.


AI-powered lead prioritization automates the process of analyzing leads in CRMs and helps salespeople focus on more critical tasks. By automating mundane, manual tasks, sales teams can increase their productivity and get ahead of quota. Furthermore, lead prioritization can help salespeople gauge how many interactions they need to make to close a lead.

Outbound Teams

AI-powered lead prioritization can help outbound teams determine the next best contact, based on their current activities and company size. Rev also collects exegraphic data, which provides detailed information on companies. The data used by Rev can help companies understand which leads are more likely to convert into customers and which leads should be nurtured.

Critical Tool For Sales Teams

AI-powered lead prioritization is a critical tool for sales teams. It not only helps sales professionals focus on the most valuable leads, but also allows them to spend time on other more urgent tasks. AI-powered lead prioritization tools can also help organizations manage their sales pipeline and ensure that their prospects are ready for meetings.


Using AI in sales development is a key step in accelerating revenue growth and maximizing profits. With the help of Rev’s AI-powered lead prioritization technology, B2B companies can easily identify and qualify prospects. By improving the quality of their leads throughout the sales funnel, they can improve the likelihood of closing a deal.

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