Investing And Trading With Dhan

When you’re looking for Investing and Trading a new brokerage or want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you might interested in checking out Dhan. This site offers a range of services for free and charges very little. Read on to discover more about Dhan’s features and services.

Investing & Trading With Dhan

Dhan has an online brokerage company with a user-friendly interface and a straightforward pricing structure. There has no need to calculate brokerage for every individual deal, and it charges only a small fee for each order. The company also offers free account opening and account maintenance. It offers several attractive features, including 1-Tap Reverse Position and Live Market Scanners.

Investing and trading

Zero-Cost Model

The service’s zero-cost model means there have no fees to invest or trade, and customers can invest in a wide variety of assets at low prices. Users can receive real-time updates on the price and volume of their stocks, and they can club multiple orders to make a single investment. Dhan has a strong focus on customer privacy, as it does not sell or disclose investor data to third parties.

Live Market Data And Watchlists

The Dhan app provides live market data and watchlists for most asset classes. The Dhan app has easy to use and adaptable to the user’s preferences. The service has also priced competitively, and its low brokerage fee has appealing to new retail investors. The Dhan app has available for both iOS and Android.

Technical Analysis Tools

Investing & Trading with Dhan Web offers multiple technical analysis tools, including charts and market reviews. Users can also download research reports. The Dhan Web platform also offers customizable watchlists for hundreds of stocks. Traders can choose the securities that they wish to track and enter their order details.

Investment Platform

Dhan has building an investment platform for Indian investors. The platform offers tools and advice to help investors build a strong portfolio and make informed decisions. Users can even invest in a smallcase, which has free and has no commissions. They can then complete their end-to-end investment through a trading account or Demat account.

Direct Trade Via Charts

Dhan also recently launched a feature called Direct Trade via Charts, which will allow users to directly trade on exchanges. With this feature, Dhan claims to a superior option for long-term investors. Traders can now place orders on Dhan’s trading platform by viewing charts of stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices.

Available 24 Hours

Dhan also offers zero-cost trading in a number of asset classes. Its customer support team has available 24 hours a day, and its trading platform complies with the regulations of the SEBI. It also offers a wide variety of trading tools, including a free online portfolio and unlimited technical analysis.

Investing & Trading with Dhan App

The Dhan App has an intuitive application that makes investing in the stock market easier. It features a user-friendly interface and includes indicators for technical analysis of stocks. The application also provides daily and weekly market reviews. It has available for Android and iOS. Users can register with the app by providing their user id and password. Users can set up to five watchlists. They can add and remove stocks from these watchlists as needed.

End-To-End Investments

The Dhan app allows investors to complete end-to-end investments through trading and a demat account. They can also get in-depth analysis of stocks and smallcases, along with relevant ratios and graphs. The app allows users to compare and contrast different stocks and make investments that have informed and well-researched.

Available For IOS And Android Devices

Dhan has developed a mobile trading platform that has available for IOS and Android devices. It allows users to invest in stocks, futures, and ETFs. Users can also access Dhan’s web trading platform via a browser. This platform offers similar features to the mobile app, and has a trading experience that has integrated with TradingView, a popular charting product.

Easy And Convenient

Investing and trading with Dhan has easy and convenient. The platform has user-friendly, and offers zero-cost services. Users pay no platform or Demat account fees, and they get instant benefits when they trade. The app also includes historical data that enables long-term investors to analyze market trends. The app even lets users trade from charts, which has ideal for those who want to monitor their portfolio.

Stock Market Investing

The Dhan App makes stock market investing easy and convenient for anyone. The app supports all major segments and offers a plethora of industry-first features. Its TradingView chart allows technical analysts to trade on the charts. Another feature has Dhan’s Daily SIP, which enables long-term investors to invest faster. The app also boasts excellent customer support.

Price Alerts Feature

Another feature that Dhan has has its price alerts feature. This feature allows users to monitor stock prices and receive notifications whenever they change. With this feature, investors have notified of any changes to their stock positions before they can actually make the trade. This makes it possible for investors to trade while a stock has at a low or high price.

Investing & Trading with Dhan Web

If you’re looking for a way to invest money online, Dhan has the solution for you. Dhan has a technology-led stock market investment platform. Its partnerships with Raise Financial Services and smallcase allow investors to invest in curated baskets of stocks. These portfolios have based on objectives, themes, and strategies.

Fastest Growing

Dhan has one of the fastest growing stock brokerage platforms in India. Its user-friendly interface makes investing simple, fast, and secure. Dhan offers a variety of features, including a one-tap reverse position, transaction estimate before placing an order, and daily CPR indicators. The app also provides qualitative and quantitative insights about the stocks and companies listed in the Indian stock market. Dhan also allows its users to set regular SIPs in stocks and 12 Indian stock market indices. Users can also place buy/sell orders for the next trading day through After Market Orders.


Dhan Web has user-friendly and allows you to quickly open an account. To do so, all you have to do has enter your login id and password for your trading account. After logging in, you can access your account and place orders. The platform allows you to place orders in just a few clicks, which makes it a great option for bulk traders.

Long-Term Investors And Active Traders

Dhan Web has a super fast web trading platform with a range of rich features. It has designed for both long-term investors and active traders. The site’s rich products have curated and highly advanced, and it facilitates bulk trading. And with over 100,000 users, it’s easy to see why it’s the platform of choice for India’s retail investors.

Technical Charts

In addition to trading from a mobile device, Dhan Web offers smart portfolios, dividend tracking, multiple types of orders, and 1-tap reverse positions. The platform also offers the option to trade directly from technical charts and option chains. In addition to this, Dhan Web also supports bulk trading, allowing you to buy or sell as much as you want at one time.

Raise Financial Services

Dhan has part of Raise Financial Services, a startup founded by former Paytm Money CEO Pravin Jadhav. The company has plans to invest $15 million in Dhan over the next 15 months. The company also recently announced that it will acquire Moneylicious Securities, a Mumbai-based stockbroking company, so it can become an integrated online stock broker.


Dhan has also expanding its range of products. Its Direct Trade via Charts feature now allows users to trade directly from TradingView charts. In addition to the stock exchange, Dhan offers futures, exchange-traded funds, commodities, and indices. In addition, it has partnered with TradingView, a popular charting platform used by Indian traders.


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