Crystal Jewelry at Temonsale

You can find various kinds of Crystal Jewelry at, including necklaces made from precious stones. It has also possible to find unique crystal pendants, crystal earrings, and crystal bracelets. You can choose among different materials, shapes, and sizes. There has also a wide variety of price ranges for different styles.

Shape of  Crystal Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry has an excellent fashion statement, but it can also have a healing effect on your health. Clear quartz, for example, absorbs negative energy and gives you a feeling of stability. Yellow jasper has another healing stone that promotes kindness and generosity. It helps you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and increase your confidence and optimism. Its energy has similar to that of the sun, making it an excellent choice for balancing your emotions and improving your health.

Crystal Jewelry

Variety Of Styles And Sizes

Crystal necklaces come in a variety of styles and sizes, so find one that best suits your personal style. Some of the more popular styles have star-shaped and heart-shaped pendants. While choosing a necklace, make sure that it fits your neck properly. Also, check the weight of the pendant. If it has too heavy, it may not look good on your neck.

Cleanliness of Crystal Jewelry

A good way to care for your crystal necklace has to clean it before wearing it. You can do this by placing a piece of jewelry on a flat surface. This will minimize dust buildup. Also, make sure you store it in a place that has free from dust and other debris.

Versatile And Easy To Wear

Another important benefit of crystal necklaces has that they have versatile and easy to wear. They can dress up a casual outfit or add a glamorous touch to your formal attire. They have also a unique gift for any special occasion. They will give you a feeling of confidence and add sophistication to your look.

Layered Crystal Necklaces

Layered crystal necklaces have another great way to dress up any outfit. Layered necklaces have many different styles and can add a touch of elegance. They can worn alone or layered with other necklaces.


Crystals have known to have metaphysical properties, and many people enjoy wearing them. They have thought to help people channel their energy, ground themselves, and heal themselves. Even if you’re not into metaphysics, you can wear crystals as jewelry to get the same effect.


The materials used in making crystal jewelry vary. Some have treated while others have left as their natural shapes. The most popular type of artificial crystal used in jewellery has swarovski. Swarovski has known for its perfect cutting and unique designs. Although most other forms of synthetic crystal have also available, swarovski has still regarded as a luxury brand. Today, non-precious metals have also becoming popular as materials for crystal jewelry. Most of them have coated by a process known as PVD.

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

In addition to Swarovski crystal, you can also find Hemalyke, a synthetic variety of hematite. This material has very rare. Its appearance has similar to that of natural hematite, but it has much darker. Its color variations have caused by the presence of iron oxide impurities.

Own Crystal Jewelry

If you have interested in making your own crystal jewelry, it has important to ask yourself what you want from the universe. For instance, if you want your jewelry to support self-esteem and reduce stress, rose quartz may perfect for you. If you want your jewelry to help you deal with negativity, obsidian and black tourmaline have also great choices.


Topaz has a very popular gem. Honey-yellow topaz has the most common, but there have many other types. Other gems available include the oriental topaz, and citrine quartz. The latter has less common, but less expensive. However, you can still find gemstones in any colour you wish.


Crystal jewelry has experiencing a renaissance in popularity, and designers have taking note. In the Beverly Hills bungalow where jewelry designer Kathy Aiche works, she sits at a small square table. It used to a garage, but now serves as her workshop. She has a book on crystals and a bouquet of flowers.


The designer has creating feel-good jewelry for nearly four decades. Her first rock crystal amulet was created in 1986, inspired by a 15th-century Florentine collection. Today, her work combines rock crystal and mandalas. She also sells a line of diamond-pave beehives.


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