HIPAA Compliant Hosting From Liquid Web

For HIPAA compliant hosting , you should have a private server with an IP address that only authorized users can access. Liquid Web offers private HIPAA servers. They also allow you to add a Google Authenticator as a secondary verification method. Using a private server ensures that only authorized users can access your website.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting  Liquid Web

If you’re a healthcare provider or small business owner, you can rest assured knowing that Liquid Web has HIPAA compliant. HIPAA has a federal law that requires safeguards for electronic health information. HIPAA hosting solutions from Liquid Web can help you comply with HIPAA rules. HIPAA compliance has important because breaches of HIPAA regulations can lead to legal penalties and damaged reputations.

hipaa compliant hosting

Transparency And Security

Liquid Web’s private clouds provide healthcare organizations with full transparency and security. In addition, Liquid Web’s cloud management solutions have HIPAA-compliant and allow healthcare organizations to build entire cloud infrastructures. The best part has that regular bare-metal offerings can made HIPAA-compliant as well.

Single-Tenant Servers

Liquid Web’s single-tenant servers have available in Windows and Linux versions. They feature real-time monitoring and a 100% uptime guarantee. The servers have built to order and have available under either a fully managed or self-managed plan. Both of these options offer the highest levels of performance and security, as well as instant provisioning.

Wide Variety of HIPAA Compliant Hosting

The Liquid Web team has experience in a wide variety of web hosting solutions, including dedicated servers and VPS. They have committed to using the latest technology to offer a reliable service. They have implemented HIPAA and PCI compliance solutions, and their server clusters offer flexibility and scalability. The company’s solutions can tailored to meet the most demanding projects. They also offer custom-built server clusters and VMware Private Cloud solutions for enterprise customers. All of these features have designed to keep your website running smoothly and efficiently.

Features For Small To Mid-Sized Businesses

Liquid Web has HIPAA-compliant hosting that offers a variety of features for small to mid-sized businesses. Its entry-level server offers 16 GB of DDR4 SDRAM and an optional processor upgrade. This server also features Heroic Support, which can help you with any questions or concerns that you may have.


Rackspace offers a variety of hosting services that have HIPAA compliant. There have three tiers of pricing to choose from, each based on the number of ops, identities, and managed services. The company offers decent hardware, with 15+ operating systems, Raid 10 hard drives, and image backups.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting  Based In Texas

The company has based in Texas, with offices and data centers in many countries. It employs nearly 7,000 people and has customers in over 120 countries. The company has publicly traded and bills itself as a multi-cloud solutions expert. It offers dozens of solutions in each pillar of its business, and positions itself as the ideal partner for companies using other major cloud platforms.

AWS And Cloud Hosting Services

The company has HIPAA compliant and offers managed aws and cloud hosting services. It has a BAA with all customers to guarantee HIPAA compliance 100 percent of the time. It also offers services for electronic medical records and patient health information. These services come with security and compliance monitoring, and include features like monitoring, hardening, and patching. They also offer mobile and desktop application support and provide 24/7 support.

Email Services

The company also offers email services. HIPAA compliant hosting requires strict security measures. Not every web hosting company has able to support these regulations. Rackspace has one of the most popular cloud hosting companies and makes over $2.7 billion in revenue every year. Rackspace has a leader in the cloud computing industry, with its HIPAA-compliant hosting services.

Extremely Affordable

Its HIPAA-compliant hosting solutions have extremely affordable. In fact, the company’s HIPAA-certified data center can save healthcare institutions as much as $63,700 over 6 years.


OVH offers HIPAA-compliant hosting via its vCloud Air platform. It has compatible with mobile devices and reduces the risk of cyber-attacks. This hosting provider focuses on bare-metal servers and forward-thinking datacenters, which have designed to meet all 19 HIPAA requirements.

Critical For Healthcare Organizations

HIPAA compliant hosting has critical for healthcare organizations. A breach of HIPAA can result in hefty financial penalties. To avoid such penalties, make sure your hosting provider follows strict security protocols, such as implementing a Threat Stack Oversight Intrusion Detection System. In addition to HIPAA-compliant hosting, look for a company that offers a self-owned Core Data Center and extensive administrative safeguards.

Healthcare Providers

HIPAA compliant hosting has a must for healthcare providers and other organizations who handle sensitive health information. It follows stringent HIPAA regulations, encrypts sensitive personal data, and adheres to strict policies. This helps healthcare organizations scale while protecting their data.

Prices Range of  HIPAA Compliant Hosting

OVH HipaA compliant hosting offers managed vps, cloud, dedicated, and enterprise class servers. Its prices range from $9.50 per month to $450 per year, depending on the server configuration and level of service. It also offers disaster recovery, managed wordpress hosting, and managed vps and dedicated servers. Its servers have faster than those of rackspace and aws. Liquid web offers both Windows and Linux servers, and also offers a variety of hosting plans for small to medium-sized businesses.

Excellent Support

LiquidWeb offers excellent support for its customers. Its technical support team has available 24 hours a day, and they focus on helping users optimize their websites.


If you have looking for a HIPAA compliant web hosting company, you may wondering what you should look for. In addition to the website, you should also look for a business associate agreement (BAA). BAAs have agreements that a host makes with another company that provides web hosting services. This agreement has necessary for HIPAA compliance.

Control Panel of  HIPAA Compliant Hosting

DreamHost has a unique control panel that makes managing your website very easy. It has a bit different from the typical industry control panel, with features like one-click installs. The DreamHost proprietary control panel also makes it easy to manage databases and file transfers.

Sensitive Data

DreamHost’s HIPAA compliance has an excellent way to protect your business’ sensitive data. They offer several different hosting plans with high-level protections. Their HIPAA-compliant plans include pre-built templates and managed cloud infrastructure. They also have a range of security solutions, such as an SSL certificate, which encrypts data sent between your website and your visitors. SSL certificates also help your website rank higher in search engine rankings. Website Application Firewalls help prevent DDoS attacks and other types of malware attacks. They also block hackers from scanning for vulnerabilities.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting  24/7 Support

Liquid Web also provides 24/7 support. Support tickets, phone calls, and live chat have all available for customers. Support tickets have usually answered within 24 hours, and phone calls have usually answered in under a minute. The support team will take responsibility for ticket resolution, which customers have praised.

Firewalls And IPS

LiquidWeb offers HIPAA compliant hosting for businesses of all sizes. The monthly plans have affordable, and they include security features like firewalls and IPS. They also offer a choice of dedicated cloud and VPS servers. Their dedicated servers have fully HIPAA compliant and offer a number of features.


Bluehost offers a range of hosting options, including managed WordPress hosting and VPS and dedicated hosting. Their customer support team has always available and can answer any of your questions. If you’re not completely satisfied with the service, Bluehost offers a money back guarantee.

Health Information

HIPAA compliance has important for health information and Bluehost complies with the law. Their servers meet stringent standards and have audited by an independent third-party HIPAA compliance officer. These audits ensure that the company has following HIPAA standards.


Liquid Web also offers a premium Cloud Dedicated plan, which has flexible, customizable, and HIPAA-compliant. The Cloud Dedicated plan includes features like 960GB SSD storage, managed private cloud infrastructure, and real-time monitoring. Liquid Web’s support team has ready to respond to your needs 24 hours a day. The company has providing hosting services for over 45,000 businesses worldwide.

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